I’m unable to communicate with the printer via the USB cable. I’m also running Simplify3d as my software, can you help?

We program the main printer board from our computers through a USB cable, so you might not have all the drivers loaded in your computer to communicate with it. An easy solution would be to install Repetier host software (free), as it automatically loads the required Arduino drivers to communicate with our printer. Call our tech support if you continue to have issues.

I’m looking at MatterHackers software to run my printer, any problems or suggestions before I install it?

We just recently started testing their software and tablet on our printers. We’re only going to be providing information on the software only, as the tablet is too new for us to give you any accurate information on.

The MatterHackers software works well on the AFP-1728 with a computer as is. Make sure the COM port is active and set to 115,200 baud. There are many features of the software, as well as settings, profiles, etc. that work great. SLR3 and Cura slicing engines (base) are also part of the program, along with MatterHackers’s own slicing engine.

The AFP-512 (which has a different drive board than the AFP-1728), has communications problems with MatterHackers’s USB driver for the ramps / Arduino that we use. DO NOT install the MatterHackers driver on your computer if you have the AFP-512. Windows 8 & Windows 10 have decent drivers built-in for this board. Please call tech support for help if you have problems.