Our Mission

Bridging Innovation & Recycling

We set out to rethink recycling by repurposing and reusing plastics for home improvement.

Every day we strive to meet our goal of repurposing bulk plastics to protect our environment and quality of human life. Not are we keeping harmful plastics from filling landfills or harming marine life, but also advancing our standard of living.

Recycling has significantly reduced the amount of plastics in our environment, but did you know tons of plastics still end up in our oceans annually?

Rethinking and Repurposing End of Life Plastics

The Plastics We Print With


What If I Have Other Materials?

The end of life plastics listed here are just what our machines typically recycle. We are always looking to reform end of life plastics. If you have other material, or 3D printing filament, we're interested in hearing about it.

Countries With the Highest Annual Exports of Plastics

As the country with the second highest export of plastics, our mission is clear: giving our plastics a new lease in construction. As the ever rising consumption of plastic affects the environment everywhere, we hope to pave the way so everyone benefits. 

Construction in all countries can benefit from repurposing end of life plastics into construction uses. Not only does it solve environmental issues, it lowers end consumer and manufacturer costs, fighting inflation across the board. 

Approximate Bottles Used Annually 

481.6 BIL

We set out to reduce the amount of plastic left to the element, and every day we’re striving to reduce even more.

Annual Costs Saved via Recycling Plastic Bottles


Each year, at least $100,000 is saved through plastic bottle recycling. We’re proud to contribute to these annual savings in addition to others.