Discover eco-friendly innovation at SQ3D’s Shop. As SQ4D’s subsidiary, we transform recycled plastic into durable, 3D-printed home essentials. Our range includes doors, doorknobs, kitchen cabinets, molding, and more, blending sustainability with modern design. Shop our unique, planet-friendly products today and elevate your space with our sustainable solutions.

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SQ3D Atlas - Plastic Recycling 3D Printer

Unlock endless possibilities with the Atlas 3D Printer, designed for superior performance, sustainability, and the ability to turn recycled plastic into innovative products.

Plastic Filament

Enhance your printing with our eco-friendly plastic filament, made from recycled materials for high-quality, sustainable 3D creations.








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Elevate Your Space with Our Sustainable, 3D-Printed Home Essentials


3D Printed Lamp

Illuminate your home with our sleek, energy-efficient 3D-printed lamp, designed for both modern elegance and environmental consciousness.

3D Printed Door

Step into the future with our durable, 3D-printed door, crafted for superior strength and a unique, sustainable aesthetic.

3D Printed Chair

Experience unmatched comfort and style with our 3D-printed chair, blending ergonomic design with eco-friendly materials for the modern space.
$100/ ft

3D Printed Molding

Transform your space with our elegant, 3D-printed molding, offering a sustainable and sophisticated finishing touch to any room

3D Printed Cabinet

Organize in style with our 3D-printed cabinet, featuring sleek design and sustainable construction for a modern, eco-conscious home.

3D Printed Doorknob

Upgrade your doors with our innovative, 3D-printed doorknob, combining durability with a unique, eco-friendly design.
Saving The Oceans

Around 12.7 million tons of plastic enter the oceans every year.

There are 5 massive “patches” of plastic waste in the oceans today.
Garbage Patch Map
North Pacific Gyre
South Pacific Gyre
Indian Ocean Gyre
North Atlantic Gyre
South Atlantic Gyre